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‘La La Land’: De musical voor de musicalhater

Damien Chazelle’s nieuwste film La La Land is een wereldwijde cinemasensatie. Met veertien Oscarnominaties schijnt de film helderder dan mijn toekomst. Maar voldoet het aan de torenhoge verwachtingen en —misschien belangrijker nog— wat als je helemaal niet van musicals houdt?

Review: “The Shallows”

Some people are afraid of ghosts or high cholesterol. Me, I need a diaper change whenever I’m in the water and feel imagine something swimming past me. Boy, I hope the seats in that movie theater were stain free.

Review: “Suicide Squad”

Calm your manboobs already, fanboys/girls. It’s okay to disagree on a movie. Starting a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes, which is just an aggregation of movie reviews, is about as dumb as the ‘Fant4stic’ movie was. Just think about that for a second.

Review: “Finding Dory”

Hoooooooooooow looooooooong haaaaaaas it beeeeeeeeeeen? I’m sooooooooooooooo haaaaappy Doooooory is baaaaack *whale out*. Anyone who thinks I was having a stroke there, time to go home, put on ‘Finding Nemo’ and then come back here a better (wo)man. You’re welcome.