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The 3 worst & best Marvel movies (MCU)

Only one more week until the release of ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Early viewers hailed it as Marvel’s best movie ever. But wait, didn’t something similar happen to DC’s ‘Batman v Superman’ only a month ago? And we all know how that turned out *bwah

30 Blockbuster predictions for 2016 (part 1)

Who said cinema was dying? 2015 was a massive year for box offices all around the world. Out of the ten highest earning movies of all times, four of them were released in 2015. Now I’m not a math wonder, but I’d say that’s pretty

8 things you should know about ‘Batman v Superman’

Alright, ‘Star Wars’ is back, ‘Deadpool’ surprised us, and now it’s time for the next big thing, the caped crusader versus the man of steel. But before you run into the movie theater with your cape -read mom’s curtain- on, here are 8 things you

Oscars 2016 Top Six

Oscars 2016, tonight is the night. But let’s be honest now; aside from the running gag about DiCaprio and his Oscar, most of us don’t really care anymore. Who remembers last year’s Best Picture winner? Exactly. So Academy Awards aside, this is my personal top