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Review: Hardcore Henry

Those slices of pizza you got left from last night? Best to leave those till after the movie. Unless you want people to admire the results of your self-pity eating binge of course. Get ready for 96 minutes of spinning, jumping and disemboweling.

The 3 worst & best Marvel movies (MCU)

Only one more week until the release of ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Early viewers hailed it as Marvel’s best movie ever. But wait, didn’t something similar happen to DC’s ‘Batman v Superman’ only a month ago? And we all know how that turned out *bwah

Review: ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’

Disney’s done it again! After Elsa finally made peace with her sister Anna in 2013’s Frozen, the Ice Queen is back at it again. Fighting her sister and freezing stuff. More drama, more action, more singing…Frozen 2.