Nowadays we have an overflux of movies coming out and it’s become nearly impossible to keep up with what is worth watching and what is worth ignoring.

So to make life a bit easier for you (you deserve it, gorgeous) and because…euh…I don’t have anything better to do; I’ll be giving you a heads up after every movie I see. Enjoy!

Well maybe not every movie. Cause you know. Porn and stuff.

Should you watch it?
Movies that are currently showing in theaters. As we all know, movie tickets can be a bit ridiculously expensive, which is fine. But not if it’s a shitty movie or something you might as well have gone all Jack Sparrow on. I’ll save you the money and tell you which is what. Read more.

Watch it again
Remember that movie you saw and loved five years ago? No, of course you don’t. You probably can’t even remember what you ate yesterday. Wait no, that’s me. Anyway, I’m gonna watch it again and afterwards remind you why you loved it so much five years ago. You’re welcome! Read more.