Review: “Finding Dory”

Hoooooooooooow looooooooong haaaaaaas it beeeeeeeeeeen? I’m sooooooooooooooo haaaaappy Doooooory is baaaaack *whale out*. Anyone who thinks I was having a stroke there, time to go home, put on ‘Finding Nemo’ and then come back here a better (wo)man. You’re welcome.

Finding Dory?

One year after Nemo was lost and found, the forgetful Dory is now living peacefully next to the clownfish family. But when a speech about migration triggers her memory, fragments about her past and her parents come rushing back to her. So Dory and her friends embark on yet another crazy journey in search of lost family.


It’s always a risky move promoting a supporting character from a successful movie to the main character for the sequel. Especially with a character like Dory, that can go from “ooooooh” to “I wanna turn her into sushi” in no time. That being said, Finding Dory is pretty damn good.finding-dory-poster

First of all, I want to applaud how different it is from Finding Nemo; it’s a movie that doesn’t rely too much on its predecessor and tries to be a movie on its own. Dory’s quest to find her parents is a storyline that works perfectly as it is. Adding Marlin and Nemo to the mix connects the two films and pleases us, the old grumps, but that’s about it. And that’s a good thing because there’s an ocean —sorry— of new and colorful characters to fill in the gaps; most notably: Hank the octopus, Bailey the beluga whale, Fluke the sea lion, Destiny the whale shar—well, you get the point. The real MVP however is Dory herself, who is voiced outstandingly well by Ellen DeGeneres. As she backtracks her memories in true Memento style, it’s hard as an audience not to get invested and root for her. For a talking fish with short term memory loss, Dory is suspiciously relatable.

Pixar magic

People with heart problems should probably stay away from this movie because it looks outrageously cute. They warm you up nicely with one of their better short films in recent history, just to finish you off afterwards with a baby Dory. Scandalous. I’m still punching walls to feel manly again and it’s been three days since I saw the damn movie. Plot and comedy wise, it’s another prime example of Pixar flexing its muscles. The movie is smarter than it looks, endearingly funny and action-packed from start till finish. And of course, as pixar tradition goes, there are some emotional scenes aimed at the heartstrings, but never to the point where it gets cheesy or preachy; and that’s coming from a guy who thought Interstellar was a cheese platter.


Not quite reaching the height of Finding Nemo *cough* nostalgia snob *cough* Finding Dory is still an excellent movie for the entire family or you know, just a bunch of guys in their twenties. It’s fast-paced, consistently funny, and beautifully animated and voiced. However, the title of the movie is a bit misleading as Dory is the one doing the finding, I mean eventually she does find herself I guess bu—oooooooh, never mind.

Finding Dory is the movie equivalent of a:
Happy relationship
Finally one that you like spending time with on a regular basis. Tell your friends about it, meet its prequels and maybe hope for sequels at some point.

Suitable for: Anyone who speaks Whale (or is willing to learn)
Not suitable for: people who say: “ooooooh”, every two minutes

Writer/Director: Andrew Stanton
Stars: Ellen DeGeneres, Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell, Idris Elba
Duration: 103 minutes


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  • Geweldig (60%)
  • Aanvaardbaar (30%)
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