Review: Hardcore Henry

Those slices of pizza you got left from last night? Best to leave those till after the movie. Unless you want people to admire the results of your self-pity eating binge of course. Get ready for 96 minutes of spinning, jumping and disemboweling.

Hardcore who?

Henry wakes up in a lab; missing an arm, a leg and his memory. Estelle, one of the lab workers, connects prosthetic limbs to his body and claims to be his wife. But before any of it sinks in, she gets abducted by villain Akan —I’m 90% sure he’s a Targaryen— who has psychic powers and a big army of mercenaries. Now it’s up to Henry to save his forgotten wife and kick some ass while doing it.


Hardcore Henry is an ultra ridiculous POV —no not that kind— action movie. Which means you follow the story from a first person perspective. The perspective of an adrenaline junkie that is. Our protagonist takes off sprinting and never really stops to take breather until it’s over. And this all, quite literally, through Henry’s eyes. Every turn of the head, every jump, every kill; you’ll be right in the middle of it and realize soon enough why this movie isn’t in 3D. And if the movements aren’t enough to turn your stomach, there’s still the abundance of blood and gore. Nope, Hardcore Henry is not for the faint of heart.

Ironically enough, giving the viewer the exact same line of sight as Henry, only creates a distance between the audience and our junkie hero. Henry doesn’t speak, nor does he really do anything that shows personality. So other than him staring at Russian boobs, there’s really not much to relate to.

video game

As for character and story development, there really isn’t any. Shocker, I know. Aside from Henry, who’s basically just a blank sheet, there’s only three other “notable characters”. Danila Kozlovsky, who plays the villain with the most ridiculous American accent ever; Haley Bennett, who is nothing more than a pretty face in this, but expect to see a lot more of her; and Sharlto Copley, who is always fun to watch and this role is no exception.

Hardcore Henry

The entire movie progresses just as a video game would. A selfish ally who keeps sending you on stupid side quests, irrelevant and unresponsive NPC’s you meet along the way and a final boss fight.


Hardcore Henry is a unique experience a lot of people will love, but more people will hate. It’s a concept that gets exciting really quickly, but wears off even quicker. I definitely would have liked it more as a short film.

Watching Hardcore Henry was like having a:
Drunk one-night stand
Not exactly something to brag about. But hey, doesn’t matter had intercourse. You had some fun with it, probably won’t happen again though.

when to watch? 
when you feel like watching Michael Bay play Call of Duty…on meth.

Writer/Director: Ilya Naishuller
Stars: Sharlto Copley, Haley Bennett
Duration: 96 minutes


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