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‘La La Land’: De musical voor de musicalhater

Damien Chazelle’s nieuwste film La La Land is een wereldwijde cinemasensatie. Met veertien Oscarnominaties schijnt de film helderder dan mijn toekomst. Maar voldoet het aan de torenhoge verwachtingen en —misschien belangrijker nog— wat als je helemaal niet van musicals houdt?

The Departed

Hallelujah, praise the white movie gods! It took him six nominations, an olympic pool of tears and a lot of crawling (literally), but Leo has finally received the Academy Award for ‘Best Actor’. In celebration of Leonardo DiCaprio’s long awaited Oscar; a throwback to his third,

Review ‘Room’

Saddest movie you will see this year. And I’m not talking tear-and-tissue sad, I’m talking bury-a-hole-and-crawl-into-it sad. Beyond words, but let’s give it a try. Room? Joy Newsome (Brie Larson) was kidnapped when she was seventeen years old and locked up in a shed, left


It’s okay, people. Fant4stic is gone, it can’t hurt you anymore. you can open your eyes, Michael B. has not thrown in the towel yet -hehe- and Sylvester Stallone gives us the best performance since the first Rocky.