Trailer Park #2: 6 greatest moments (and why they’re important)

Game of Thrones: season 6

Let’s be honest now, a life without Game of Thrones is an empty one. After, what seemed like an eternity -not even a year-, of speculating about Jon Snow’s return, we finally get the first full length trailer of season 6. As usual it is packed with hints in practically every shot, just google ‘trailer breakdown’ and you’ll find a bazillion hidden goodies. But to save time, here are my six favorite parts of the trailer, and why they are important.

1. Jon Snow is still deadGame of Thrones season 6
Both the opening and the closing shot are centered around Jon, but why give him so much presence? I think you know the answer. Jon Snow will return, in one form or another. It might not be until the end of the season or even the next one, but he will return. That last shot (1:35) is probably the best moment in the entire trailer; Ser Davos Seaworth getting ready to go all medieval (on Snow’s killers?), next to Jon Snow’s body and his dire wolf Ghost. Priceless.

2. Daenerys Targaryen is capturedGame of Thrones season 6
Don’t get me wrong, Dany is, rightfully so, one of the show’s frontrunners. But her political ventures have been going on for long enough. I want to see the Mother of Dragons and the Breaker of Chains again instead of the Queen of Snoozeville. A change of pace might just give us that, plus we get to see love rivals, Jorah (0:27-0:39) and Daario, chase -hehe- after her.

3. Introduction of Euron GreyjoyGame of Thrones season 6
At long last, Theon’s oldest uncle will make his appearance (1:08, 1:16) on the show. Euron Greyjoy is one of those characters that, depending on HBO’s portrayal, could turn into an instant fan-favorite. Book-version Euron is an infamous pirate; he is unpredictable, cunning -join the club- and a skilled warrior. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer than the Red Viper of Dorne.

4. The Lannisters VS The Sparrows VS The TyrellsGame of Thrones season6
After Cersei’s walk of “SHAME” last season, she’s back with a vengeance -and a zombie Mountain (0:56)-. Despite facing an overwhelming difference in strength, the High Sparrow looks as confident as ever (0:41). But him reaching a hand to Margaery Tyrell (1:18) might be something of significance in this conflict.

5. Stark VS Targaryen flashbackGame of Thrones season 6
Now this could just be speculation, but it’s too important to ignore. We see a Ned Stark lookalike fighting (1:16) against someone with a Kingsguard helmet and the Targaryen’s sigil on his chest. If true, this could be a flashback of one of the most important events in the entire lore of A Song of Ice and Fire: Ned Stark trying to rescue his sister Lyanna, who had been “kidnapped” by Rhaegar Targaryen. Too much information on this could be a huge potential spoiler, but just know that this is something that has sparked countless of theories and discussions amongst fans. (R+L=J, anyone?)

6. The return of Brandon StarkGame of Thrones season 6
FINALLY, one of the lost Stark siblings returns. After Bran and Rickon (and their entourage) disappeared from the show for an entire season, we’re glad to have at least one of them back. Hopefully he learned some of the secrets of this world, and upgraded his magical gifts. What’s even more impressive is that he’s standing next to the Night’s King (1:21). Let me repeat that, “standing” and “Night’s King”. But just to be on the safe side, I’m going to assume that this is a fan-bait and it’s one of his visions.

Other than that we have: Jaime’s return to King’s Landing, Melisandre’s boobs again -hooray-, Wildlings vs Boltons, Ironborn and a Targaryen(?), Tyrion and dragons, Arya still blind…and I could go on for a while, but you get the point. Brace yourselves, we’re in for yet another intense season of GoT.

Release? (episode 1) April 24, 2016
Hype? Winter is coming, and so am I
Trailer points? 8/10

Captain America: Civil War

Official trailer #2 is here and boy oh boy, my body is ready for this. The second trailer is usually a bit like the middle child, less exciting than the first one and lower expectations than the next one. But Marvel found a way, or six, to keep it interesting. Here are my six favorite parts of the trailer, and why they’re important. (skip to number 6 for “UNDEROOS!”)

1. Black PantherCaptain America: Civil War
Our first look at an unmasked Black Panther, in a building surrounded by explosions (0:39-0:42), seems to be the catalyst for him joining team Iron Man. More specifically because he has a grudge against Bucky, whom he fights several times in this trailer. And based on those fights -holy son of Jor-El-, Black Panther is a BEAST. Not only does he catch up with a speeding motorbike and then tackle it (1:02-1:08), apparently he/his suit is bulletproof too (1:47-1:49).

2. The RaftCaptain-America-Civil-War-Prison-42
It seems to be the Raft at least. This is basically the Marvel equivalent of Alcatraz (0:49-0:56), the Raft is a prison designed to contain super-powered criminals. Or in this case, heroes that refuse to register. If it wasn’t clear before, it is now. Shit just got real and it’s war, even though it seems Stark has mixed feelings about it. Also, it doesn’t exactly seem like a facility that can be built overnight, which means this has been a plan for a while now.

3. The “death” of War MachineCaptain-America-Civil-War-War-Machien-Shot
First of all, I don’t believe it. It’s just too obvious. It has been accentuated in both trailers, they even announced that there would be someone dropping. But this is just conspicuous, especially the way it’s edited so it seems like Bucky shoots him down. Nope, I call bullshit. But whatever the case, Rhodey does get hurt and Tony Stark gets serious.(1:15-1:25).

4. Black Widow’s allegianceCaptain-America-Civil-War-Black-Widow-Tony
Ever since the movie’s marketing campaign put Black Widow on team Iron Man, there have been suspicions that she will switch sides at some point. This scene (1:33-1:38) in the trailer seems to confirm those suspicions. And it would make a lot more sense too, considering her relationship with the Cap and Hawkeye. But nothing is certain, obviously, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see even more side switching from other characters during the movie.

5. Scarlet Witch VS VisionCaptain America: Civil War
One of the biggest concerns there have been about the team matchup is: how do you win against an almost godlike robot? Well here is your answer (1:51). Wanda’s powers weren’t that impressive in Age of Ultron, but if she’s anything like her comic books counterpart…well, you’ll see. It does kind of put a lid on the rumors that Marvel Studios would adapt the Vision/Scarlet Witch romance from the comics…for now.

6. Your friendly neighborhood spiderspideyhiresfull
The first announcement, of Spider-Man entering the MCU, was posted more than a year ago. Now, as the biggest reveal in the second trailer, we finally get to see how he looks. And as it goes with the internet and new things in general, the opinions are mixed to say the least. But since this is my blog and I can say whatever the F I want, I’m gonna go ahead and say he looks great. Yes, he looks more cartoonish; but last time I checked, we’re still talking about a superhero movie. It’s an appropriate throwback to oldskool Spider-Man, and it was important for Marvel to make a distinction from the previous two adaptations. Not only that, but it also fits in the MCU’s more colorful look, compared to the dark and gritty worlds of DC and Fox. Lastly, look -and listen- to those robotic eyes (2:17-2:20). This is a big deal. It means that the suit was most likely created or modified by Tony Stark, and it’s a nice nod to the Iron Spider-Man suit.

Phew, ok. Another trailer with loads of information, but these were definitely my favorite moments. I do want to acknowledge how impressive this movie’s lack of leaks has been. Two months left until the release, and only now do we know how Spider-Man looks. Not only that, but we haven’t even had a decent look yet of Baron Zemo. Which is great because it would draw attention away from our two main players -take notes, Batman v Superman-. In short, the hype is on.

Release? (U.S.) May 6, 2016
Hype? My body is ready
Trailer points? 7,5/10


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